Produced over 800 podcasts for clients like: MTV, SiriusXM Radio, NASCAR and The Home Depot
Audio Content Marketing

Attention can't always be on a screen.   

Audio content marketing allows for in-depth branded discussions with an engaged audience.

Online audio listeners are a highly educated and more affluent audience. *

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How We Do It


We work with your brand or agency to create an audio content marketing strategy that appeals to your audience, and meets your KPI's. Our team can help you determine a strategy that works. Whether creating an episodic series, mini-series, one-off experiences or using blog posts and articles - we get you audio-ready.

Let's work together to create audio your target audience will enjoy - wherever they listen during a subway commute, in a car, on a Sonos or while flying across the Atlantic.


Design isn't just for furniture. Our sound architects set the mood for your content. With custom ambient sound or framing a scene, we design a unique voice and sound for each client.

Assets for syndication, including imagery and copy, can all be created by our in-house team, or we can work with your designers and copywriters. Our team ensures your brand's image is represented across networks.


We work closely with great producers to ensure that the show format and sound are spot on. Whether you're using your own talent, scripts or need Palegroove to arrange union or non-union talent, we deliver professional sound quality worthy of your brand.

All pre-production scheduling, recording and post production are managed by our team of experienced audio engineers.

Need recording space? We got you covered! Palegroove has studio space available in Manhattan and Red Hook, Brooklyn.


We put your content where your audience listens. Palegroove is partnered with smartphone apps and online distributors to ensure that your audio is readily available to the widest possible audience.

Your listeners can smoothly transition between their commute into their home without missing any of your content. With our audio partners, they can pick up where they left off in the driveway or on the train.


Palegroove has a proprietary hosting platform. We create, deliver and track all of your audio content. We know who is listening, where.


We offer in-depth analytics through our proprietary hosting platform. Plus, metrics from our partner networks to give you the best overall view of your audience.

The same web KPI's used by companies can be applied to online audio. We can measure: overall listeners, listening time averages, location of listeners, and even campaign-specific information including response to a call to action in the podcast for a contest, coupon code redemption or website registration.


After your audio content has gone live we review your analytics and network successes to optimize for your KPI's and audience demands.

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Why choose us?

We've worked with brands, agencies and individuals to create content based around events, personal finance, snowmobiles and worked with talent like top TV Hosts, NFL players, NASCAR drivers and comedians.

Our team has been at this for over fifteen years . . . even before the beginning of podcasting ten years ago.

Simply put, we know online audio.

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